Short Story - The Glass Bell

Lee wrote one short story in addition to her poetry. The Glass Bell can be characterized as a vaguely erotic, allegorical, grown-up fairy tale. Lee signed the Glass Bell manuscript with Lila Garb, her given name. One can only speculate that this was to signal her attempt to detach from the story's obvious analogy to her own experience.

Stuck in the manuscript there was a small illustration on the back of a 3x5 file card:

Unfortunately, the manuscript is not dated, but there is a clue that indicates that it came forth in the latter part of her two-year writing frenzy. The manuscript was typed on Eaton's Corrasable Bond Paper. All initial versions of her poetry were typed on cheap, yellow newsprint paper and final versions were later transcribed onto corrasable bond. By strange coincidence, Sylvia Plath makes reference to corrasable bond in her novel, The Bell Jar.

We invite you to read The Glass Bell.