Now the flower hung its head and the sun saw that the earth in the pot was very dry, "What has happened, flower?" cried the sun.

"The man has forgotten to water me," answered the flower quietly, "and I shall die." Then the sun called to the clouds and they quickly gathered together.

As the man closed the window against the sudden rain, he looked at the flower curiously, "The sun was too hot and we forgot to water it," he said to the woman.

"It is dead," she answered, "but see how it keeps its petals...and though it is quite dried, its scent is sweet." Then the woman carried the flower to the center of the room and placed it upon a table. "See, I will cover it with this glass bell to keep the dust away," she said, "and we shall have it all winter to remind us of the lovely garden."

Then the rain stopped and the sun shone hot and bright again. The bee flew up to the window and the life of the bee called out to the life of the flower but there was no answer. The man opened the window and the bee flew into the room buzzing loudly; and now its wings were very strong and it flew very fast.

There was a tinkle of sound and the woman cried, "Oh, look...every single petal has fallen from the flower!"

And the man answered, "There is a honeybee lying on the table." He lifted the glass bell and carefully brushed the petals of the flower into it and then the bee. Crossing the room, he emptied it out of the window and into the garden.

And the Urge said, "It is time now, sun..."

And the sun waned.