Then the Urge sighed in despair because at that moment it knew of a tiny larva that stirred too soon. And the life of the bee said, "Is there a flower from which I shall gather nectar? I think I will stay in the hive and just be a bee without a flower!"

Once again the Urge gathered all of its strength and entering the hive, it forced the baby bee outside. And the bee buzzed at the bright sun and the soft rain and said, "l will Just fly around outside and be a bee without a flower."

But the Urge turned to the bud and entered.it, forcing its petals apart. And the flower sighed and the life of the flower said, "You have made the bee but it is very young..." and the flower waited.


"Oh, what a beautiful flower," cried the woman, and the man answered, "l will bring it to you." And he loosened the earth around it and carried it into the house. He planted it in a pot and placed it upon the windowsill and every day he watered it very carefully. And the sun shone and the rain fell but the flower felt nothing because there was the windowpane.

The bee flew about looking at all the flowers in the field and garden and thought they were very lovely, but drew no nectar from them. And the Urge followed after the bee saying, "It is time to make honey!"

The bee continued to circle about carelessly and the life of the bee answered, "I'll just be a bee that admires the flowers!" But one day, in testing the strength of its wings, it flew very high and passed the window. It circled and returned again and again.

The life of the flower cried, "There is the bee that will draw my nectar!" and the life of the bee cried, "It is time now to make honey!" and buzzing loudly, it flew against the windowpane.